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Assets School reaches out to support the social and academic success of bright, struggling learners from Hawaii and beyond. Although the school’s mission explicitly states that we serve gifted and/or dyslexic students, our admission policy is to consider youngsters who are average to above average in cognitive abilities yet are struggling academically due to weaknesses in reading, writing, and/or math, have processing issues that impede classroom functioning (e.g., memory, retrieval, graphomotor speed and production), and/or are in need of acceleration. Many have concurrent conditions such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder that exacerbate their learning challenges.
The learning profile of a student is typically discerned in a perusal of documents submitted by parents during the application process. If a review of the file suggests that the student would benefit from placement and will likely adapt to the school’s culture and expectations, an interview is arranged  for the purpose of validating and clarifying the student’s needs and issues.
Not all students applying to Assets have a diagnosis.  There are many who struggle daily in school but not significantly enough to warrant a formal diagnosis or who may have not yet been formally  identified.  There are students whose academic profiles align with what we offer programatically, but whose needs in other areas (e.g., social, emotional, behavioral) exceed the parameters of our resources. Our inability to ensure these individuals’ success results in our offering them a referral elsewhere.

Assets enrolls students into its academic program on a rolling admissions basis with the routine admissions review beginning in January for the following Summer and Fall sessions. There is no application deadline.

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