Art Programs

IMG_1168At Assets School, we believe every student is an artist. The campus is filled with student work, validating the belief that our students should not be defined by their challenges, but viewed through the lens of their artistic expression. As a result, many of our students discover gifts they didn’t know were there and excel in the arts.

Beginning with the youngest students, the fine arts program leads students to learn basic principles of drawing, painting, design and multimedia production. Classes are individualized to address differing levels of proficiency and the instructor takes each student from where they are to wherever they aspire to go. For the older students, this often means that they work on independent projects or the production of an art portfolio for application to a post-secondary setting.

IMG_1179In high school, graphic arts is an option, and students gain the skills and tools for design, photography and technology. These courses are project based and hands on with students quickly moving from skill acquisition to practical and creative applications of the medium.

IMG_0333Performing arts include dance, music and drama. Students quickly become immersed in learning the skills of the discipline through age appropriate activities, games and performances. Practice leads to refinement and students have various opportunities and means to showcase their skills, talents and interests.

The enrichment elective program is a well-received way to end the school day in the middle and lower school. More art options are offered here, and students can work on stained glass, do glass etching or learn the rudiments of tap or ballet, to name just a few.

IMG_1180DSCN2468The Mentorship program is another way high school students can deepen their arts experience. Once a week, a teacher of the arts mentors a student. Through their new role as assistant to the instructor, students assume the responsibility of teaching others an appreciation of their selected field of study.