John Medeiros, Athletic Director

John Medeiros, Athletic Director


Honor, respect, responsibility, commitment, preparation, teamwork and sportsmanship are all lessons strengthened through Assets’ athletic program. Our student-athletes broaden their educational experiences through an assortment of team and individual sports. A part of those experiences is the sense of togetherness developed through the lifelong relationships among teammates, opponents and coaches. Once students choose to be involved in athletics they make a choice of self-discipline, maintaining their academic standing as well as their standing on the field.IMG957435

Assets School, as a proud member of the Interscholastic League of Honolulu, keeps our 7th-12th grade students active and interested by offering a number of different sports throughout the year such as cross country, track and field, swimming, basketball, bowling, tennis, volleyball, wrestling, judo, canoe paddling, kayaking, water polo, cheerleading, golf and sailing. Despite its size, Assets participates in large team sports like football, baseball and soccer by banding together with other small private schools through our PAC-Five affiliation. Through the spirit of competition, Assets’ student-athletes strive to reach their athletic peak.


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