Capital Campaign

On Thursday, September 7th, Assets broke ground on the new K-4 Village.  This is just the first step in the capital campaign and vision for permanent buildings at the K-8 campus.  Click on the links to the right to watch videos from the event and interviews.

Videos from the event:

Interview on Living 808








rendering _boards_opt Layout Assets School’s future K-8 campus will include a beautiful two story administration building, state of the art library, outreach center, visual and performing arts complex, two playgrounds and significantly larger classroom spaces.
 rendering _boards_opt Entry

The Administration Building is a beautiful two story structure that will essentially be the first point of contact for students and their families. It will serve as the main hub for admissions, registration, technology and School administration.

 rendering _boards_opt Library

The Donald C. Brace Library, along with the Administration Building will serve as the gateway to the Campus. This state of the art facility is designed to encourage teachers and students to collaborate, communicate and share.

 rendering _boards_opt Pavilion

The Visual and Performing Arts Complex will allow our faculty and staff to truly spread their wings. At Assets School, we believe every student is an artist. The campus is filled with student work, validating the belief that our students should not be defined by their challenges, but viewed through the lens of their artistic expression. As a result, many of our students discover gifts they didn’t know were there and excel in the arts.