High School Senate Selling Christmas Trees

Our High School Senate is once again selling Christmas trees, wreaths and door charms through a partnership with Habilitat.  Help support the development of leadership skills in our high school Senate members through your purchase!  Order pick up day is Saturday, December 3 at many island wide locations. Click here for order form: 2016-christmas-tree-order-assets-school.



Summer Camp Enrollment Now Open!

Summer Camp at Assets School (Ke Kula Pa’ani Summer Camp) – A variety of different activities will be offered such as traditional sports, game room, art classes and projects, guest entertainment, weekly outings plus much more. Campers will be given the opportunity to experience a positive environment and develop friendships that will increase their self-esteem, boost their confidence and develop their independence.  Ke Kula Pa’ani is open to all kids – K through 8th.   Click here for more information.

Academy of the Pacific and Assets School Merger Finalized

June 2014

Dear Academy of the Pacific Ohana,

The merger between the Academy of the Pacific and Assets School has been finalized, Assets is the surviving entity. Both AOP and Assets have a long history of serving students who have not been well served in other school settings, through alternative, individual approaches to education. By combining their resources, Assets will be able to better provide educational opportunities and services to Hawaii students in need of a non-traditional educational environment. Assets plans to move their high school to the AOP campus in the summer of 2015.

“Over the years, AOP and Assets have each provided high quality educational opportunities to Hawaii students with unique educational needs,” commented AOP Board Chair Barron Guss. “Through this merger, we can celebrate AOP’s rich history and the many lives that have been touched by this unique school throughout its 52 years of service to the community. We are also confident that this transition will ensure that the needs of children requiring a creative alternative to traditional learning environments can be met.”

As part of the transition, Assets will form an integration team to collaborate and share knowledge of both AOP and Assets to ensure that the legacy of AOP is honored and remains strong. In addition, Assets will invite two existing AOP Board Members to join the Assets Board of Trustees.

“Both AOP and Assets have been very important to me and my family,” said Assets Board of Trustee member and AOP alumni McD Philpotts.  “Barron [Guss] and I went through high school together at AOP. That small school had a big impact in our lives, as it has for so many others in the community throughout the years. Both my sons went to Assets and are now at Cal Poly and we know Assets was key to making that possible for them. So you could say, like father like son, finding the right learning environments have been the key to our success. The two schools have been educating a similar population for generations. This merger will ensure that the spirit of AOP lives on and will continue to benefit those in this community who are gifted and/or learn differently. With this new campus, Assets greatly increases its capacity to serve these students for generations to come.”

The Alewa Heights campus will be named: Assets High School: Academy of the Pacific Campus. Assets will honor the naming of the buildings on the campus, Dorothy Douthit Courtyard, the John Mason Young building and Damon Hall by ensuring that the naming remains the same.

AOP alumni will be invited to participate in all Assets events. In the near feature, a link will be added to the Assets website specifically for AOP alumni and donors. The site will include legacy information and will explain how the vision and services of AOP have been combined with Assets to ensure that these important educational opportunities and services continue.

“This gracious gift of a new campus is a gift of a new beginning for so many children who need an individualized, integrated learning environment, “ Paul Singer, Head of Assets School. “On this beautiful campus, children will continue to become empowered and will maximize their potential just as they had for many decades before.”

Assets School has been transforming students’ lives since its inception in 1955. The vision of Assets is to create a community in which all children thrive and realize their own potential, so that society benefits from their unique talents and abilities. Assets provides premier educational services to gifted and dyslexic children by providing model, integrated learning environments and professional outreach programs. Committed to “learning that transforms lives,” Assets is guided by a mission to sustain a supportive setting for students with learning differences “that empower these children to find their place as lifelong learners in school and society.” For more information, visit Assets School website.