Demystifying Spelling

This two-day module examines the morphophonemic nature (interaction of morphology and phonology) of our English spelling system and the way it impacts spelling instruction. The ongoing connection between phonology, phonics, etymology, and morphology is essential to understanding English language structures. Specific language structures addressed in this session include: speech sounds of language (as related to phonograms), multiple spellings (frequency of use; rules), syllable types/division, schwa (unstressed vowels), word origins and associated spelling patterns (Anglo-Saxon, Latin, Greek), chameleon prefixes (how spelling of a prefix changes when connected to a root), connectives (additional letter patterns used to connect root to suffix or root to root), and structured word analysis.


TBD / Two Days (8:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.) 



Darlene Robertson, Director of Professional Development & Outreach

Partially funded by Friends of Hawaii Charities & Margaret Watt Edwards Foundation

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