Meet the K-8 Faculty

The Lower and Middle School, kindergarten to 8th grade, is made up of classrooms on the east side of the campus. Each classroom consists of two teachers. Resource teachers specializing in art, computers, dance, music and physical fitness as well as counselors round out Assets’ Lower and Middle School team.

12_masa Ryan Masa
K-8 Principal
Shirley Auerbach
Gabe Bridgman
Randy Castello
Mele-Aina Dancil
Regina Dang
Bekki Diener Counselor
Anna Flores
Christin Fox
Jessica Gonzalez
Jessica Griffin
Tim Humphrey
Hoku Kama
Emily King
Sungalina Lee Counselor
Tiana Lee
Elisa Liriano
Melissa Lum
Janelle Mabutas
Joanna Mackin
Mahea Nakamura K-8 Secretary
Lennie Mangayam
Caitlin Mates
Robyn McMullin Curriculum Specialist, K-4
Tyler Mizota
Shannon Patalano
Jon Pennington
Kenneth Powell Student Coordinator/Counselor
Shahna Rohter
Becca Skramstad
Diane Spindle Curriculum Specialist, 5-6
Janet Terry
Shanna Thompson Curriculum Specialist, 7-8
Cindy Thurman
Carol Uyeda
Michelle Valenti
Carey Won
FongLai Wong
Edel Yamane
Hao Yang
Katie Yee


Meet the High School Faculty

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