Parent Testimonials

Parent Testimonial Questions – David and Holly Marchant

What do you value about Assets?

We value the attention that is given to each child to adjust to their special needs. The teachers and staff at Assets understand that each child is unique and they’re committed to the child’s success. We were grateful that James not only had teacher(s) but a counselor who focused on his problems and successes. Even at Mid-Pacific, James still uses and values the skills he learned to help him with difficulties in certain areas of math (he refers to it as “mental math”). When he arrived at Assets he hated that he had dyslexia and felt alone but now he feels okay about it and is not ashamed. Having met other kids with dyslexia made it easier for him to talk about it and he finally felt he was not as alone as when he was at his previous school.

What has been the greatest change in your child(ren) and/or in your family since attending Assets?

Today James has self-confidence and feels good about himself – a long journey from his first visit to Assets. He’s become a diligent and hard working student (as most of his current teachers write in the comments section of his report card).  Recently he took the PSAT and wasn’t pleased on his performance in the math section. He hasn’t received his scores yet but because he didn’t like it he’s requested peer tutoring once a week. He joined the cross-country team this year even though he never ran a long distance race. It was difficult for him but he wasn’t afraid to give it a try. In the end he had a good time, met great friends and learned about discipline in not only his studies but in extracurricular activities also.

What was/is your Assets defining moment? Describe the incident when you noticed or knew that Assets made a big difference in your child’s life.

The defining moment for us was after attending our first parent-teacher conference at Assets during James’ first year there. After many years of feeling failure and disappointment after conferences and meetings, they told us about his low performance (which was no surprise to us) but they reminded us that it’s okay right now. He learns in a different way so he needs different learning skills than from the students at his previous school. It was the first time we walked out of a conference feeling there was hope for him – we made the right decision to send him to Assets.

Do you have anything else to share about your Assets experience?

James continued to make substantial jumps in his learning and confidence throughout his years at Assets. The school nurtures a positive environment, which he immediately felt. We feel he continues to grow to this day because of the learning and life skills he learned at Assets. Most importantly, he feels good about himself. He knows what his strengths are but is not afraid to take on new challenges. James told us he initially didn’t like the comments he received about going to school for dyslexics. But due to the experiences and skills he learned at Assets he’d tell anyone today they should ignore the comments and go. It’ll make them feel better about themselves and they shouldn’t have to suffer to learn.