Assets Teacher Training and Outreach Program (ATTOP)

Darlene Robertson, Director of Professional Development and Outreach

Assets School is a widely respected leader in teaching gifted, dyslexic, and gifted-dyslexic children. Its student success is founded on individualized solutions based on effective teaching approaches as well as a professional understanding of learning differences.

Despite Assets’ achievements, the school works with a fraction of the thousands of students identified each year in the community with a learning difference, students who could benefit from the strategies used at Assets. With this in mind, Assets’ Board of Trustees laid the foundation for an outreach program.

Founded in 1999, Assets Teacher Training and Outreach Program (ATTOP) advances the school’s work with those who learn differently. Year after year, ATTOP reaches out to the wider educational community and public to provide approaches known to be successful with the needs of students with learning differences. This is achieved through professional workshops, educational forums, and community partnerships. Workshops featured by ATTOP include the Slingerland Multisensory Approach, Mortensen Math, Project Read, and Key Comprehension Routine, just to name a few.

ATTOP strives to empower adults who live and work among these exceptional students with increased understanding, appreciation, materials, and strategies to help them reach their learning potential. Through this venue ATTOP fosters productive relationships, supports proven practices, and promotes the “learning that transforms lives.”

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