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The Program

  • Assets School, a co-educational, independent K-12 school, has been educating students who are gifted and/or dyslexic since 1969.
  • Assets is committed to educating the whole student, designing personalized and strategic programs to challenge, sustain and support their growth academically, socially and personally.
  • Small class sizes allow for a differentiated curriculum with individualized instruction where students can learn at their own pace.
    Integrated counseling fosters closer connections between both faculty and fellow students.
  • A positive, campus-wide behavior management program focuses on building resilience and personal responsibility while keeping the emphasis on academic pursuits in the classroom.

The Student Body

  • Assets’ student body is comprised of unique and talented individuals with a wide range of learning styles that greatly benefit from adjustments to the normal classroom size, approaches, materials, techniques and strategies.
  • The Lower and Middle School student body is made up of approximately 250 students, while the High School is comprised of approximately 90 students.

The Faculty

  • Assets is committed to maintaining a dynamic learning community where faculty and staff share and work together to ensure that students are receiving the education and individual support they need to succeed.
  • All teaching faculty are guided by the expertise and experience of program administrators and curriculum specialists who supervise classrooms, teachers and students; observe and evaluate student placement; interpret assessments; and serve as liaisons to parents.
  • Professional development is a top priority at Assets School. Our faculty and staff are committed to keeping abreast of new teaching methods and ideologies.
  • The Lower and Middle School faculty is comprised of approximately 40 teachers and the High School faculty is comprised of approximately 20 teachers.
  • There are eight supporting faculty, which include a librarian and resource teachers in art, music, dance, physical education and computers.

The School Year

  • Assets’ schedule begins late summer and ends in spring.
  • The Lower and Middle School year is based on a nine-month trimester schedule.
  • The High School year is based on a four-quarter, nine-month schedule.

The Cost

  • 2015-2016 K-8 Tuition – $20,820
  • 2015-2016 High School Tuition – $23,180
  • 2015 Summer School – K-8: $1,425
  • 2015 Summer School – HS Mini-classes: $450 each
  • Application Fee – $75