Welcome to High School

Dr. Suzy Travis, High School Principal

Dr. Suzy Travis, High School Principal

In many ways, Assets High School is similar to most high school programs on the island. For example, we have prom, classes like US History and Biology, homework, lockers, sports, etc. However, we also have many features that are unique to our school.

For example, our curriculum is skills-based and student-driven. Basically, this means we focus on teaching kids how to learn, and we help students to move forward from wherever their starting point may be with any skill. Sometimes, we are asked if our curriculum “prepares students for college.” Yes! In fact, our curriculum and teaching are customized to students’ individual needs, which is the best kind of preparation for college for our students. Over 95% of our graduates continue onto college programs each year. Those who do not go to college chose another alternative, such as military or a gap year. We know from research that in order for students with learning differences to be most successful post high school, they must fully understand their own learning profiles, accept who they are as individuals, be able to implement tools and strategies that leverage their strengths, and be able to advocate for their learning needs. We help students at Assets High School to develop their confidence and grow their skills by scaffolding and integrating these key components to success into everything we do.

Aside from our curriculum, we also provide a small and intimate environment for students. Class sizes are not larger than ten students and average about seven. This allows students to form strong relationships with adults on campus as well as their peers. It also allows for our well-trained faculty and staff to individualize and differentiate for each student. Our community has an innate culture of acceptance and kindness. Most of our students have struggled with school at some time in their lives. Therefore, this common thread among our community allows our students to feel valued for who they are, equal to their peers, and safe to learn.

Another key highlight of the high school is our mentorship program, which is one-of-a kind. While similar mentorship experiences occur in other schools, there is no other program in Hawaii that has all of their students working in the community to the scale of our program. You can learn more about the mentorship program, as well as other features of our high school, by going to the links under the high school tab above.

I invite you to come and see first hand what we’re doing at Assets High School. You can contact me at (808) 423-1356 or send me an email: stravis@assets-school.net.